Most business owners’ start from a passion they have, but they never really remember when they first discovered that passion. Mine was simple, it was October of 2000 I was only 16 years old sitting in front of the classrooms desktop computer. I hated how the teacher gave the students limited user privileges on the computer. In my eyes whoever is sitting in front of the computer should have full control of it. And I was determined to get the same privileges as my teachers had. I eventually achieved my goal. And I would have most likely had gotten away with it if I wasn’t young and cocky. Instead of leaving well enough alone I felt the over whelming urge to limit the teachers accounts. I gave the teachers the same privileges they gave me on the computer.

Once summer came around, I got an offer by another teacher who was in charge of the computer labs. I spent the summer getting paid prepping the schools computers. I started learning HTML using Windows XP’s notepad program and the default web browser. And I was thrilled when I got Visual Basic 6 for my birthday. I installed it the moment I got it and started teaching myself how to program. That was followed by me learning PERL which I thought was easier than VB6.

I started my own business called Big Ben’s Computers & Supplies and tried to sell computers. But even though computers make sense the people behind them don’t. My website was hacked and vandalized. I once again became determined to figure this out. I tried to secure my server; I did everything to learning encryption. I spent hours on IRC talking to people, begging them to break into my systems until one day no one could.

I was ready; I was ready to offer web hosting services but time goes on, technology improves, and people come up with new ideas and methods. I found myself playing cat and mouse with security becoming a victim many times throughout the years. I eventually learned how to not be a victim by learning how I became one. Now I am taking this knowledge, firsthand experience and sharing it with others to promote safer internet experience.

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