Accept Credit Cards with Android (Free, No Murchant Account Needed)

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April the 27th was big day for me. It was my 28th birthday. A few days before April 27th I downloaded and installed a really cool app from the Android Play Store. It was called Square Card Reader. Once you download the app install it and configure it Square Inc sends you this little peace of hardware that plugs into the Head Phone Jack of your Android Phone. On the 27th I had gotten that peace of hardware. Nice little bday gift from a company that probably had no idea who on earth I was.

Anyhow after getting it in the mail I open the package up. Yeah the reader was really cheap in design quality. But really who can complain, after all it was free. I decided to try it out. So I knew I needed to have a spare credit card. I just so happen to have one. Actually it wasn’t activated. But this was okay because it would tell me that it was declined. Or it should have told me this.

So plug the reader into my phone. Swipe the card. I get a message telling me that I need to swipe faster. I keep trying to swipe faster, with very little luck. I go to the site and find out that even though they do make it for Android, not all Android devices are supported. And they primarily support Apple Devices. They also stated that they definetly don’t offer support for custom Android ROM’s.

So I thought oh well it doesn’t work on my device. This was about to give me the chance to go into Hack Mode. However before I had to go into Hack Mode I noticed that they said the Kindle Fire wasn’t supported because it didn’t have GPS support. I never have my GPS turned on. Just because I’m paranoid like that.

I turned my GPS on and tried it again. To my surprise it worked fine. So if you have a Samsung Prevail chances are you will be able to use the Square Card Reader App.