Accessing The Darknet Stay Anonymous Online

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darknetI will first like to state that there are many Darknet networks and all of them have different sites and require a different types of configurations. Today I will be discussing how to use the most common one known as TOR. I will also show you how to proxy your IP based on the sites you visit, and provide you with some sites that will help you remain anonymous.

First Things First

First I would recommend installing Firefox if you don’t already have it installed. Next I would recommend that you install some plugins to help you protect yourself. Below is a list of some of the plugins to protect yourself online.

Now that we have them installed you can add some proxies to FoxyProxy. You can get proxies from different proxy list online. I use HideMyAss proxy free proxy list.

Find the proxy you want to use with FoxyProxy and then click on the FoxyProxy icon on the browser.

You will then want to click on the button that says Add New Proxy. Under the Proxy Details tab make sure that the Manual Configuration option is checked. Where it says Host Or IP Address you will type the Proxy address you have picked from the proxy list. Where it says Port you will provide the port number of the proxy picked on the proxy list. If the proxy you chose is SOCKS 4/5 you will want to check the SOCKS Proxy? option and then select the correct SOCKS version.

Next you will choose what type of websites the proxy will use. To do this you will navigate to the URL Patterns tab and click Add New Pattern. If you want it to proxy all pages that are part of Google you will want to add a pattern like the following and whitelist it.


As you can see in the above example I used asterisks in the URL. The asterisks are wildcards. So this tells foxyproxy to do every Google URL for example it will proxy,, and pretty much every other address that is part of Google. You can add as many patterns as you like for your chosen proxy.


Accessing websites anonymously is great since majority of the websites on the internet are found on the World Wide Web. But there are websites that are not on the world wide web and are part of the Deepweb, Or Darknet. TOR will allow you to view some of these Deepweb websites. The Deepweb sites that TOR will allow you to access will end with .onion in the address. If you want to access .bit domain names you will need to download and install namecoin and configure FoxyProxy to access .bit domain names.

I’m not going to go into details on how to install TOR since they do a good job on their website. But I will explain how to configure FoxyProxy to use TOR.

To make FoxyProxy use TOR you open FoxyProxy up and go to File > Tor Wizard. It will then ask you to choose the port that your using for TOR. The default is Port 9050, so leave it at that port if your unsure. After you click Ok. It will ask you to add a URL pattern. It has Google as a default URL pattern and I usually delete it. To add TOR only websites I will add a new URL pattern that looks like the following.


Once you have added the above pattern you can try to access some TOR only websites. Here are a few of the ones I use.

  • Mail2Tor (Send Anonymous E-Mails)
  • DuckDuckGo (Search Engine like Google that doesn’t track you)
  • Onion Is Found (Gives a decent listing of websites on the TOR network)
  • Torbook (Anonymous Facebook site)

Warning: The Darknet is unmonitored and unregulated. Because of that you may find things are inappropriate or illegal.

It is also worth noting that many Darknet sites pride themselves on protecting your freedom of privacy. Because of this if you plan to buy anything on such sites many times they will only accept bitcoins or other crypto currencies.
If you like my work show support on my Patreon