Anonymous Online (Part 1)

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The internet is defiantly getting to be very scary place. And it seems that no matter what you do you still have no privacy from the government. Everyone wants privacy. But to have complete privacy you need to understand their are 3 domains that the government monitors. The three domains are as follows.

  • Online Activities
  • Purchases
  • Phone Calls

Since phones aren’t always done using the internet I wont go to much into protecting yourself with that. Just like I wont go into detail about making offline purchases. But if you need to make offline purchases privately it’s pretty simple. Just purchase things with cash.

Online Activities

Here I will talk about keeping your identity completely anonymous while surfing the internet. To do this you need to change some of your online habits.

  1. Use the Tor Web Browser
  2. Don’t install plugins on a web browser
  3. Don’t enable any plugins on a web browser
  4. Use HTTPS as often as possible
  5. Don’t open files that you have downloaded while your connected to the internet

The above rules will apply for most anything you do online. Including Instant Messaging, Mail Clients, FTP Clients and anything else. So to make your online activities private you simply install the Tor Browser Bundle.

TOR is open source and supports many platforms such as Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, iOS, Android, Windows Phone. And because it is open source you can easily port it over to another platform if you need to.

Download and install TOR and you will be safe. You may notice that some video sites such as YouTube wont work. This is due to the fact the the flash plugin isn’t installed or enabled. However if your truly are inching for privacy online and want to watch YouTube you can try YouTube in HTML5 mode. And even though it is still in testing stages, I think the HTML5 videos on YouTube are much better quality.

Another thing you should not do is upload pictures or videos of yourself online to any site. This includes Google Plus, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and any other website. I don’t know if you have been playing with Google’s Image recognition software or not. But it does a great job at identifying images. And it is getting better each day. So be prepared for your friends to give comments about your extreme paranoia. Also be prepared for an extreme change in your online social life.

Since Google has been working on Voice Recognition technology for the past 10 years. You can be pretty sure that they have pretty good ways of identifying you by just your voice. So I recommend not uploading any audio files of your voice either.

So what types of pictures will be okay for you to upload. Well it depends how safe you really want to be. To be very safe never upload any picture unless it is a drawing or painting of some sort. However some people simply upload pictures of themselves at Halloween parties. As for videos the same thing applies. Also make sure to mute your voice on the video and replace it with a bizarre 1980’s robot voice. Remember being anonymous online is lifestyle and it is about being weird. You shouldn’t care about what people think you know your safe.

My apologies for making this sound humorous. Everything I talk about here does in fact work, I just find it a funny topic to talk about. In the next part I will talk about how to purchase online anonymously.

PS: Also remember it doesn’t matter what anyone tells you. Everyone is in fact out to get you.