Automating Your Internet Life

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Their are always so many things to do and never enough hours in the day to do all of them. And if your a blogger or someone who does business online then you definitely have even less time in your day. You might as well forget about your social life. Unless you come up with a solution such as automating you internet life. But how do you do such a thing? Well this really can’t be answered without knowing more information. It depends on what type of things your doing online. So I will simply use Blogging as an example. So for this post I will teach you how to automate things with your blogs.

Our Weapons

  1. A Blog (WordPress, Blogger, etc)
  2. A Blog Feed (WordPress’ RSS, XML or Feedburner)
  3. An account with
  4. An account with Seesmic
  5. An Android Phone
  6. Handscent Android App
  7. Seesmic Android App (optional)
  8. Seesmic Ping Android App (optional)
  9. Pingomatic
  10. Facebook Account
  11. MySpace Account
  12. Twitter Account
  13. Google + Account

Okay so we have all of our weapons. Great lets get down to business. What I usually do is spend the weekend writing 7 blogs. I then schedule them to post at different dates. This right here is in a sense all you really need to do to have your blogging career automated. Spending 7 hours on the weekend to write 7 blogs. Means I have freed up an that extra hour every day after that for a week.

However a lot of bloggers will want to get their blog some publicity. In this case Bloggers will often turn to several other sources. Some of these sources are social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and of course our favorite Google +. Of course posting the same link to all of these sites takes more time then you prefer. Not only this bloggers prefer to do this when the post has finally made it public. Which means everyday I still have to spend about 10 minutes posting to all of these social networking sites. Well we can cut that down to about 5 minutes. Lets sign up to Now we will attach all of our social networking accounts to it. Now we simply post our status updates using Boom we now have 9 more minutes in our day.

Note: As of right now Google + is not part of amd is moving to Seesmic. Which means we will still need to post separately to Google +. No biggy though.

Now lets automate Well Seesmic has great feature which allows you to post status updates via, E-Mail, or SMS. This is where HandCent comes in handy.

Besides the stylish looks of Handcent. It has feature that allows you to schedule when a text message will be sent. So we simply schedule a text message to that has our status update in it.

Great now we have an extra 30 seconds in our day.

 Now the only thing left is help get the site noticed by search engines. We can use pingomatic for this. Simply go to the site, and type in the title of your blog post, the URL of the blog post, and the feed URL. Check all of the boxes on Pingomatic then click the button that says Send Pings >>.