Best Way To Get Free Bitcoins

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altcoinsYou may have heard about Bitcoin or other crypto currencies such as Ethereum and Litecoin. But you don’t want to spend money on getting them. Here I will talk about how to get free bitcoins.

It is important to understand that like all things that are legit, it takes time. There is no get rich quick scheme that is real. That being said the methods I talk about here are 100% free but take awhile to get the results you wish to achieve.

Step 1:

Sign up to some crypto currency exchange sites. This is needed because you will want to get crypto currencies that are easy to get first then exchange them for bitcoin as needed. Below are some exchange sites.

Step 2:

Now that you have signed up to some exchange sites. You can sign up to some faucets. A good place to get faucets is at FaucetBox. Faucet Box gives you very small fractions of crypto currencies known as Satashis. Since they are so small they can’t be sent directly to your bitcoin wallet. So FaucetBox holds onto them until you get enough.

Since Faucet Box is a site that offers faucet scripts. There are many faucets by many users on the Faucet Box site directory. You can use all the faucets. Some of the faucets allow you to get payments every 5 minutes others can be as long as once every day.

But faucet box isn’t the only faucet out there. Bleu Trade has their own private faucet called Bleu Faucet.

I personally never get Bitcoins from faucets. Instead I use faucets to get Litecoin, Dogecoin and Dash and exchange them as I wish.

Step 3:

Once you have gotten a few payments from faucets, you should spend the crypto currencies on some income producing assets. So the first thing you should do is trade your crypto currencies on Bleu Trade for some Bleu Shares. This makes you a partial owner of the site, and you will get a percentage of every transaction that happens on the site every 4 hours. This is a great way to build up your crypto currency portfolio.

Continue to use faucets and continue buying Bleu shares. The more Bleu Shares you have the more you will get every 4 hours. Then when your satisfied with your income produced on Bleu Trade buy some hashing power. This requires you to sign up to a cloud mining site like Genesis Mining. Genesis Mining allows you to mine crypto currencies from their cloud based miners.

Step 4:

Sell the crypto currencies you have no interest in that your now accumulating from Bleu Trade on a place like eBay. With the money you get from selling those crypto currencies you can buy some bitcoins from Coin Base then you can invest in more mining power on Genesis Mining or buy some more Bleu Shares.

Step 5:

Once your happy with the amount of bitcoins you are getting regularily from using the above tips. If your feeling couragous you can stop over at 1Broker and start investing in some stocks using your bitcoins.

If you like my work show support on my Patreon