Bitcoin Investing 2017

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So I’ve written about Bitcoin investing many times before. And I’ve been a big fan of investing in Bleu Shares because it means that you will get bitcoins every four hours. However as of March 13th 2017 BleuTrade has discontinued Blue Shares. They did trade them to the current value in Bitcoin but the fact that they didn’t send an E-Mail to anyone leads me to believe they did it to be sneaky and they may be planning to shutdown. Because of this I sent all the bitcoins I had in BleuTrade to my wallet. The question now is what should you invest in. Well like before I stated there are many things to invest your bitcoins in and I will list some of the things that are still worth investing in 2017.

1 Broker

I would only invest a fraction of what your holding in Bitcoin into stocks that 1 Broker offers. 1 Broker brings the stock market to bitcoin users. So you will be able to invest in Gold, Silver, Oil, Amazon, Google, Apple, USD, EURO and many other stocks, Commodities and Forex.

The fact that 1 Broker deals with Day Trading makes it very risky, and I wouldn’t recomend throwing everything you have into it. Set aside 5% of your Bitcoin holdings to spend on 1 Broker. If you lose all of what you spent stay far away from it, if you make a profit you can either cash out or reinvest.

Mining Contracts

Mining Contracts are fairly safe. However there are many mining companies who ended up going out of business. Always keep in mind that what ever mining contract you get their is going to be a great chance it wont be their one day. But you should look at the gains. If you can invest enough bitcoins into mining where you will make your money back within one year then mining is a good solution. In 2017 Bitcoin values are on an upward trend. So even if you spend $200 in a mining contract and make 0.0006 BTC per day, that equals out to $0.46 per day. However when BTC prices go up that 0.0006BTC becomes worth $0.50


Faucets are old and they come and go. They are also god damn annoying. But you can get free bitcoins with them by doing some basic yet tedious work.


If you just want to buy bitcoins to hedge against possible losses in other investments. You can buy them in the USA by signing up to Coinbase.

If you like my work show support on my Patreon