Cool Way to Use power point.

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Okay so I’m going to school to get certified in M$ Office. And so far I’ve been certified in Microsoft Word and Excel. So now I’m studying PowerPoint. I thought it was boring at first. But to day the teacher taught us how to add buttons and stuff. Reminds me of VB with out all the coding. Now my teacher had just showed me how to make the slide skip from one slide to the next. But when I got back to my house I wanted to see if I could use this for a program that I built.

A while back I made a Black Jack game on my computer using the Microsoft .NET Framework. The disadvantage to the game is the user has to have the .Net Framework installed on the machine already.

So I needed a CD to auto run and a window would pop up telling you what to install first. At first I did this by making a batch file, HTA App and an autorun.inf. The autorun.inf would start the batch file & the batch file would start the HTA App. From there the user could push buttons that would install certain things. That was how I had to do it for a long time. Then to night in class I learned about the power point thing. Came home made some what of wizard in power point that would install different things. Then I just had to edit the batch file to open up the power point show. And I burned it onto disk and it worked.

2 thoughts on “Cool Way to Use power point.

  1. James said…

    Then your faced with the problem of having to worry about people having Power Point on the computers.

    Not neceserly. Power Point has a feature called Package for CD. This feature makes it so the presintation will run on computers that don’t have power point.