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So I was asked early today how you can download E-Mails to view offline from your GMail account. Google has a feature to do just this. In this post I will show you how to do just this.

In order to download your E-Mails you will go to the following location,calendar

The following should be load on your browser.

As you can see there is an option to download your Google Calendar and your Gmail. Lets say we just want to download our Gmail. To do this we will uncheck the Calender checkbox.
It should now look like the image to the left.

Now we click on the arrow pointing downward and we see the page expand. Here we see the option to include all E-Mails or to select just some labels. We will assume we only want to download some of the Gmail files. So we click the option that says Select Labels

We can now select the labels we want to have downloaded. If you have created custom labels you will be able to pick those labels as well.
We click next and we will be presented with the option of how we want to download the file. The default is .zip which is the most universal compression format, but also has a limitation of 2GB size. If your running Linux or have third party compression tool installed you can choose to use .tgz We can then choose our delivery method. Google can send the file to it’s own Google Drive or it can send it to dropbox or Microsoft OneDrive. The we click create archive and presto your done.

If You like my work become a Patreon Become a Patron!