Finding Someone On Social Networks

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Social Networks have been the big thing for many years now. And what a lot of people may already realize is the fact that every person who signs up to a social network agrees to allowing people to stalk them. Even though people may attempt to hide who they are by not giving their real name, and by posting false info. People still can find out who you are buy the things you post.

Let’s look at the table below.

Real Info False Info
Name: John Watcha Nunya Biz
Gender: Male Female
Age: 20 80

First what we will do is use our trusty friend Google. And we will search for Nunya Biz in some cases we may find out that John is using the same name on different sites. We mark each site that has a user by this name. Also keeping in mind it is possible another person would be using the name as well. However if he is posting pictures on his profile that are identical then we can be pretty sure that it is him. We may find Google + Accounts, Facebook Accounts, MySpace Accounts, Twitter Accounts all with the same name name, and a few of them may have the same picture.

Now John post many status updates on different social networks. And he is often away from his computer, so he often post from his mobile phone. Well John may have posted valuable info about where he lives. Or at least a general idea as to where he lives.

Colder then the Devils Heart

If we see multiple updates from a certain location then we can say it is safe to assume that the person lives near by.

Google Groups list the first few letters of the persons E-Mail Address. People will often have the same picture for their Google Groups account as they will for their Google Plus. But may have different names. Which can give you more info and assist you even more. We can Google for the other name as well and see what we get.

Some people wont post their E-Mail addresses or any info on social network About Pages but will post links to their Amazon or eBay stores which may list their E-Mail Address.

Some personal friends of the person may slip up in comments on status and use the persons real first name.

If we are able to find out the persons E-Mail Address we can use a service like Spokeo to get even more info such as Age, Relatives, Address History and even a phone number. We can even use instant check mate and find out their arrest records.