Firefox, Chrome and other software you never knew could be used on the Prevail

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So the Samsung Prevail is very cheap yet handy phone. Many people feel however that their may be some limitations. For example the Prevail currently doesn’t support the Firefox MobileAndroid App or the Google Chrome browser app. Or does it.

No it really doesn’t but Debian Linux supports both of those. So we can install the .deb packages inside of our Debian Linux loop that we installed on our phone in one of my previous post.

If you remember by the end of the post you should of had a base debian installation on your Prevail. This can offer a lot to us. However both Firefox and Chrome require some sort of Desktop Environment, GNOME, KDE, XFCE, LXDE, Ice WM or some other Desktop Environment. So we will need to install one. I decided since this is a phone which means I should look at it as a computer with limited resources. The best route to go was to use light weight Desktop Environment.

I’ve recently have grown very attached to LXDE, mainly because of how light it really is. And on my computers which can run more resource intensive stuff, it makes my PC’s extremely fast. So I decided that I would choose LXDE for my DE.

I knew the first thing I needed to do was first mount my Linux.loop file. Then run the chroot script. So I fired up the Android Terminal Emulator or ConnectBot.

I knew their was a strong possibility that XORG and a Login Manager may not have gotten installed. So I wanted to make sure by just installing them. So typed the following in.

apt-get install xorg xdm -y

I then needed to restart my Linux System. After I restarted my system on the phone. I was greeted with the LXDE GUI. This was great.

Now I could run other programs as well. So next I installed Firefox.

apt-get install firefox -y

Boom now we have Firefox installed. We can use it now if we wanted to. We can also install any Firefox plugin that we want.

Now lets try a light weight web browser like Google Chrome. To do this we will type the following commands.

aptitude install chromium-browser chromium-browser-110n -y

Now we have the Chrome browser on our phone. We can start to use it just as we normally would.

You can pretty much install any program that is supported by Debian on your phone as long as you have installed the Debian Linux loop file. So feel free to brag to your friends, however just keep in mind that some programs might require more RAM and CPU power then your prevail can handle.