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    Jonathan Loehr

    Hello, I was recently thinking about how many smartphones have a thing called Do Not Disturb mode where you can prevent the phone from either waking you up or distracting you when you’re doing something important. I was thinking about how there might be times when someone might want to break through do not disturb mode to reach me and I might have a disagreement with them about whether I want to allow that at certain times. I wonder if might be able to modify the software for do not disturb mode so that if someone wants to call me, a sign will pop up saying “Jonathan loehr’s phone is in do not disturb mode right now and he doesn’t want to let you send him any messages unless you first put $30 in his wallet.” Is that something that could be possible?

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    If you have a rooted Android this can be done in a few different ways with or without do not disturb. Use Tasker and set up a profile that is for the times you don’t want to be disturbed. Create a task that silences the ringtone of the phone, sends out a reply when a message is received. Sign into your pay pal account to create an invoice. Once you create the invoice pay pal provides you with a link to the invoice. Put that link in the text message for tasker to send out.

    Install pay pal app on the android phone and setup a profile that unsilences the phone when a pay pal notification happens.

    That is just one way. Another way is to use Root Call Blocker.

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