Hacking Word Press

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The following is for educational purposes. I take no responsibility for how you use or interpret the content in this post. There are legitimate reasons to do what I’m talking about here in this post.

Lets say you forgot your Word Press password, or you can’t login to the admin section of your word press site. Maybe a plugin is acting up and causing problems which are preventing you to login to your word account. What ever the case may be you can still gain access back very easily.

Word Press uses MySQL for its database. If you have physical access to the MySQL database you can manually change the information you need, For forgotten passwords you can navigate to the table called wp_users. then you will see a column called user_pass. As you can see the password is encrypted in a blowfish encryption. So you can’t see the actual password. This isn’t much of an issue though. You can simply make a new word press installation fetch the new encrypted password from the private new installation and paste it into the field.

If you have access to the files on the server for example via FTP or SSH, you can delete plugins that may be causing issues for you logging in. The plugins are located in the wp-content/plugins directory. Simply delete the name of the directory associated with the plugin. Not the actual wp-content/plugins directory but the directories inside of that.

If you like my work show support on my Patreon