How Hackers Stay Safe Online

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The best way to protect yourself from hackers is to be a hacker. Or at least know what they do when they use the computer. Here I will talk about how you can protect yourself online the same way that hackers protect themselves online.

Many hackers choose to use Linux as their Operating System. But please keep in mind not all Linux systems are the same. Chances are hackers wont use a Linux System like Ubuntu, mainly because Cananical the company that makes Ubuntu records what you do online, to help give you better results when buying from Amazon their affiliated online store. So do your research on different Linux Distributions before you start using one.

No matter what people say any and all Operating Systems can get viruses and Malware. This includes Linux Systems. Even though Linux can get malware it is much more rare because you need speacial permissions to install software, so malware can only be installed if you choose to install it. But either way you should install an Anti-Malware program for Linux.

Many people will think that ClamAV is a AntiVirus program for Linux and yes it runs on Linux but it is designed to scan for Malware that is made for Windows based systems. A good Anti-Malware program for Linux is Malware Detect.

Hackers will most likely use Firefox as their web browser mainly because of how it works. Where Chrome is easy to use it tends to store all of your browsing data on Google’s Servers. Firefox can sync your data from computer to computer similar to Chrome but doesn’t store the data on a server. Not to mention Firefox is Open Source and can be tweaked to improve your browsing experience. Not to mention the amount of great Plugins and Extensions that help with improving your experience online.

Some of the plugins hackers will most likely use are the following.

Grease monkey allows you to write special user scripts for Firefox. Such scripts that can keep you safe and modify the way websites work for you. Firebug allows to see every aspect of how a website is built. Foxy Proxy allows you to easily automate the switching of Proxies. Allowing you to surf the web anonymously. Noscript blocks all scripts on the site from running until you have gotten the chance to check them to see if they are malicious or not.


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