Internet with SMS and MMS

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In 2008 I wrote a blog about hacking Verizon Cell Phones where I talk about different things you can do with a Verizon LG phone. One of the things I talked about was using Google SMS services which is no longer available. However I have gotten numerous E-Mails asking about it. So I decided to write a blog about how to use the internet using nothing more then SMS and MMS on your dumb phone.

Since we no longer have Google we need to look for another service. The one we can use now is TXT Web. TXT Web offers many of the same services that Google SMS offers and more. And they appear to be offering even more daily. Below are some of the things you can do with TXT Web.

  • Get the Weather for your area
  • Get Nutritional Information
  • Get Medical Information
  • Find Out What Is On Sale
  • Reserve a flight
  • Chat with Friends on Facebook
  • Get details of people on Facebook
  • Follow people on Twitter
  • Access Facebook
  • Post a tweet on Twitter
  • Get Instagram Photos

So how do you use the service. It is pretty easy. You send a text message to the phone number 898932 and as the subject you type what you want to do.

For example if I wanted to get the weather for my area I would send a text message to 898932 and say @weather. When I do this I will recieve a text message telling me what the weather is like in the location of my cell phone number. So if my cell phone number was 970-236-1212 then based on the number I would get the weather for Denver Colorado since the number is a Denver Colorado number.

If we want to set our status update on facebook we would just need to register the facebook app. Which will tell you to send a text message to 51115 with the message @fb.reg XXXXXXXXXX where X is a number they assign you. Once you have done this you can post status updates to facebook via SMS or MMS by texting @fb your update to the number 51115. To find out upcoming birthdays of your friends send a message to 51115 with the text @fb.bday.

You can find out everything about TXT Web by visiting their website

Now if you remember my previous blog about automating text messages with Tasker then you can use tasker to set a time you certain things to be done automatically. For example if your an investor you may want to dump a certain amount of shares at a certain time regardless of it’s price, and you aren’t sure if you will be around to do it at that time. You can set your phone to do it for you via text message.
If you like my work show support on my Patreon