My Fun Android Experience

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The other day I got my first Android Phone. It was the Samsung Galaxy Prevail for Boost Mobile. Okay well it was more like 2 weeks ago. Either way I’ve been playing around with it ever since.

First thing that I did was obvious. I called Boost Mobile to get it activated. Since I already had a number from them I wanted to get it transfere over to my new phone. Normally this is all automated, however for this particular phone that service wasn’t yet available. So I ended up talking to live person. The process would have been simple, but I didn’t RTFM first. But after about 30 minutes of talking to the person at Boost Mobile I was all set up.

Next thing I wanted to do was Sync my Google account to it. Once I did most of my contacts in my GMail address showed up on my phone. This was a real life saver since I didn’t have to really enter all of my contacts from my old phone into my new one. That is one of the advantages of cloud computing.

I have more then one Google account so I went to Sync my other accounts as well.

Next I went to install some apps from the market place, which is the equivalent to Apple’s app store.

Since android is built off of Linux I tried to gain root privileges. To my surprise I didn’t have root. I wandered why I couldn’t get root on my own device. But now that I think about it, it makes sense. After all it protects both phone users and Boost Mobile. But I knew what I was doing so I decided to root my phone.

Rooting it was easy. And if your a Windows user it becomes even easier with the one click root tools.

Now that my phone was rooted I had complete control over it. The main reason I wanted root was so I could wirelessly tether my laptop to it. Which required root privileges. I soon discovered how little internal memory my phone has. To free up memory I moved all of my apps that I installed over to my SD card. After doing a bit of research I found out about android malware. I quickly installed the AVG app. But soon removed it since it was telling me that my Apps that required root access where malware. I knew these apparently weren’t malware. So I decided to try lookout mobile security. This worked a lot better with my rooted phone.

The first apparently that I busted my wallet out for was Titanium backup pro. This aloud me to remove Alps that came with my phone. This freed up quite a bit of internal memory.

I was pleased to find out that google allows 3rd party markets. They have no problem with 3rd party markets. I couldn’t find Firefox mobile so I Googled it. I soon found it but it wasn’t compatible with my phone. So I installed Opera Mobile.

I had no problems removing the following preinstalled Apps on my phone.

  • Default web browser
  • google talk
  • Think free office
  • Hookt
  • Svgr
  • Poynt
  • TeleNav
  • music player
  • Live wallpapers
  • setup wizard
  • home screen tips
  • Layer
  • Launcher (I installed ADW in place of launcher)
  • Twidroid

I soon came to the conclusion that with my rooted phone I could do all the work I needed to do on my computer strait from my phone. It is a great alternative to a computer if I need to use one and don’t have one on hand.

Some Apps I installed where

  • Google Docs. I used this so I could write from my phone then access my work on my google account on another computer.
  • AndroidVNC
  • adobe PDF reader
  • Pdf converter
  • twitter
  • Myspace
  • Facebook
  • Blogger
  • PayPal
  • And a shit load more.

I haven’t yet installed Apps such as Ubuntu Linux packages. Mostly because my SD card isn’t that big.

All and all I’m loving my android phone much more then Apple iPhone. I’ve found a lot more things to do with my android. That makes me feel like the iPhone is just a toy.

I will definitely write more about my android when I get a bigger SD card and install Linux on it.
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