Reasons Why Apple Sucks

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  1. For some odd reason Apple Users believe that Mac’s don’t get viruses. (Fact: Mac OS X has had several viruses. The first ever virus was found in Febuary of 2006. It is true that Mac OS X has less viruses then Windows. However Mac users end up infecting Windows users with viruses. The reasons for this is simply because Apple users don’t bother to scan files they pass around to Windows users. Viruses written for Windows don’t affect Mac OS X. So Mac OS X users can have a Windows virus and never experience problems. However they tend to give problems to Windows users. The same is true for Linux users as well as any other Unix user.
  2. The lack of customization. The Window appearance of Mac OS X is extremely limited to customization. This is why when you look at every ones Mac OS X desktop theme looks the same as everyone else. Yeah you can change wallpapers and screensavers but your still very limited.
  3. The lack of support from Apple. Since Mac OS X can only be installed on Apple based products. Legally I mean. This gives Apple a monopoly. Much in the same manner as Microsoft’s monopoly but much worse. True both OSes are proprietary, Which means that both of them only the creators have full and all knowledge of the way the systems operate. However their are times when the system may not function due to a hardware problems instead of a software problems. At least Windows users that have a warranty on their computer can contact the support professionals for support with their computer. A lot of times these warenties also offer support for Windows. This opens a playing field for competition. If a company doesn’t offer quality support the user can simply purchase a PC that runs the same excact software as the other PC used but manufactured by a company that offers better support. This type of compitition forces companies into having better support.
  4. Once again with the lack of customization with Apple. PC users have luxury of easily opening up their cases, Laptop or Desktop and add and remove hardware from it. Making upgrading RAM and Hard Drives extremely easy. Apple makes such simple task a damn freaken headache.

Let’s move on to their line of iOS enabled devices. Such as iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad. I truly think Apple should rename them to exactly what are. Shit. I’ve already E-Mailed Apple with the name suggestion of calling their devices iShit. But I haven’t recieved any response. Why are they shitty? Well first of all in order to get any functionalty worth using it you are kind of forced into Jail Breaking it. Doing this voids the warranty.  Below is a list of reasons why iDevices need to be renamed to iShits.

  1. Lack of customization. Yeah true you can Jail Break your iDevice. But why should you have to Jail Break it to have your personality in something you spent money on.
  2. The pain in setting custom ringtones. You literally have to hook the damn thing up to your fucken computer. Unless once again you Jail Break.
  3. The lack of support. And if you Jail Break then you will not qualify to get support from Apple or your carrier. And if your an Apple Developer developing Apps for Apple products. Your developer subscription you paid $100.00 for will be revoked and you wont get your money back.
  4. The sad fact that something as simple as using a 3rd party App as your primary app. Uh um Chrome becomes complex. Try opening up a link in the damn E-Mail App. Safari Opens up no two ways around that unless once again you you Jail Break your device. How about opening up a link in a Google Plus App on your iDevice. Same thing you will get Safari.
  5. The fact that iDevices have App Settings outside of the App causes me extreme headaches. Every time a need to change a setting on an App I have to close an App out and open up Settings. A waste of time on my part.
  6. The fact that you end up having to go to the settings page just to turn off power hogging features that your not using. I have widget on my Android that allows me turn on and off wifi with a tap. Same with the screen brightness, GPS, and Syncing. Extremely fast and easy. And that is something extremely important when your battery life is running low. Every minute counts and the longer it takes for you to turn off those features the more battery power drains.
  7. Bloatware. Unless you have a Jail Broken iShit you have software your never going to use. At least for most people. For example News Stand,  Game Center, and Passbook are Apps I never use. Unless I jail break my iDevice I can’t go into the /var directory where system apps are stored and remove them.
  8. Depending on what Android Device your using. Some allow you to have Apps stored on the cloud. This is a great feature. Your Android device may only have  1GB of memory or less. But you may have 30GB of space on the cloud. And getting more space is as simple as paying for more space. And for those times your off line you can choose the Apps that you will need to use when not having service and have them installed locally. With iOS your forced to have Apps stored physically on you iShit. If you have 8GB space and use it all your iShit out of luck. Android can store movies music and everything on the cloud, making accessing your life a cinch. And yes you can always download any of that stuff physically to your device when you plan on not being in a service area.

2 thoughts on “Reasons Why Apple Sucks

  1. I am not an apple user (thank god) but i have had friends with them told me this. Their apple will simply shut down then they must take it to the apple store to get it fixed. I am thinking it got a virus and its apples way of hiding it. Could there be some truth there?

  2. Apple sucks ballz….true iShit…..naming starts with i …i i i ……what da fuk is i? And priced so high dat i can buy a new plane for my family ….u suck assholes apple