Source Code Collaboration & Google Drive

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Google Drive is a great tool to organize your life. Of course any cloud computing system you use is equally as great. Cloud computing has saved the day for me on more then one occasion. I’ve bookmarked webpages on one computer they end up getting bookmarked on my Laptop and cell phone as well. I’ve had to reformat my computers drive and thank god I was using the cloud. I back up all of my data to the cloud and it saved me from having to find hardware to back my data up to.

Another great advantage of Google Drive is how easy it becomes to choose who you want to share certain files with. Because of this you can use Google Drive for source code collaboration. Here’s how.

Things you will need

I can’t explain how to go about finding a group of people. It just happens. So your on your own with that one. I used the word computer pretty broadly before. What you really need is a device that can access the internet and can support the Google Drive Client.

Once the Google Drive Client has been installed on each device. The files that are part of the project end up syncing to each device. They each file can easily be opened with native programs on the device. For example if person wants to view the source code on say a Windows computer he or she can achieve this with Notepad or some other Text Editor installed on Windows. If they want to view the project in action. Maybe the project is simply a website. They can open the files up in what ever web browser they have installed on their computer.

Same with any file and any format. It makes compatibility and sharing and even collaboration extremely easy.