Unbrick the Samsung Prevail

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If you have rooted your phone, you may have done some pretty freaky things that ended up making your phone nothing more then a brick. A $100.00 brick to be more precise. When this happens it is known as bricking your phone. The great thing about Android that iPhone users can’t take advantage of is that if you do end up bricking your phone you can always unbrick it.

There are several tools available out their that can be used to unbrick your Android phone. One of which is the one click unbrick tool which works on about 75% of all Android phones. Unfortunately it doesn’t work on the Samsung Prevail.

There is however a tool for the Samsung Prevail that can be used to unbrick your phone. It is call ODIN. It is for Windows based computers. In order to use ODIN you will first need to download ODIN, along with the proper images for your phone. You will also need to download the Samsung Drivers for your phone. I have placed downloads below for you.


ODIN Phone Images

Installing the drivers

First we will need to install the samsung drivers. To do this we will just click on the installer and follow the instructions. After they are installed you may need to restart your computer.

Using ODIN

In order to use ODIN you will need to first download it. Once you have downloaded it you will need your phones ROM images. A list of images for the Prevail are listed below, along with the downloads. You don’t need to download all of them. Just the ones you will plan on using.

Once you have downloaded the images that you will want to use. You will extract them from the Zip files. In the zip file you will see several other compressed files, in .tar format as well as a file in a .ops format. The files are listed below.

  • SPHM820.ops
  • SPHM820_XXYY_boot.tar
  • SPHM820_XXYY_pda.tar
  • SPHM820_XXYY_phone.tar

Now we we will put our phone into download mode. To do this we will hold the Volume Down + Camera Button + Power Button all at the same time. Once you see a black screen with the yellow text saying Downloading your all set.

Now we will plug our phone into the computer using our data cable that it came with.

Next we will fire up ODIN. If your phone is in Download mode then ODIN should recognize it. We will now put our files into the proper places in ODIN. So where ODIN has the OPS button we will put our SPHM820.ops file their. To do this we will simply click the OPS button and navigate to where our OPS file is located, and select it.

ODIN Multi Downloader

Where the button on ODIN that says boot we will click it and navigate to the SPHM820_XXYY_boot.tar and select it. We will do the same for all the other files as well. One we have plugged all of our files into ODIN we will then click the Start button on ODIN. This will resinstall the ROM onto the phone. So we will pretty much have phone that is now back to factory settings.

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