Turn Your Smartphone into a Genius Phone

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Okay so we know that Android is already extremely smart. And if we gave IQ test to smart phones Android would most likely have a higher IQ then iPhone. But lets be honest with ourselves. Even as smart as Android is we wish that it could just be so much smarter. The other day I came accrossed an App that does just that.

Chances are you probably have to manually set your phones settings depending on where you are and what your doing with your phone. For example you probably are usually connected to your home WiFi with your phone when your at home. And you pobably just leave WiFi enabled all the time unless your running low on battery power. Or maybe when you always plugin in your head phones your preferred music app should just automatically start up. Or how about automatically fireup Google Navigate when your in your car. Wouldn’t it just be nice if Andoid was this smart. The great news is now it can be.

Like I said earlier I found an App called Tasker. Honestly after using it for 3 days I don’t know how I could live without it. I swear I may have given my rooted Android Phone an IQ of maybe 140 before. But now with Tasker I’m sure it’s IQ has got to be damn near 180.

First let me say a few things. Tasker is on all of my Android Devices some of which are Rooted and others aren’t. But in order to get the full power of Tasker you should be Rooted. It is also worth noting that different devices work differently then other. That being said most of things I will discuss I’ve done on a Samsung Galaxy Rush that is Rooted and has the Butter Rush ROM.

Now since I run my own business I have several types of credit card swipers that plug into my head phone jack. Each card swipe has it’s own app. I also sometimes listen to some music using Google Play Music App. And when ever I listen to the Google Play App I always listen with my head phones. So here is what I’ve made the Tasker App do for me.

When something gets plugged into the headphone jack pop up a message that ask if I want to start the Square Card App, The Pay Pal Here App or the Google Music App. When tap the option the app starts up and as soon as I remove the device from my head phone jack the app closes. It becomes very handy in that way.

Next with my phone I’ve noticed that at night time I don’t need the screen to be nearly as bright. So I have set the Tasker App up to dim the screen between the hours of 5:00PM till 6:00AM.

Another thing is I know I’m always going to connect to my homes WiFi when ever I can. And I know when I’m home I don’t have to worry about someone walking off with my phone or playing with it without my permission. So I have set the Tasker App to Enable WiFi when ever I’m home and to Disable my lockscreen. I’ve also set it up so if I’m not in range of my homes WiFi to automatically disable WiFi and enable my lock screen.

Now when I plug my phone into my computer it is usually for a good reason and majority of the time that reason will require me to have USB Debugging Mode rurned on. With the beuty of Tasker, I simply plug my phone into the USB port of my computer and USB Debugging will turn on automatically for me.

Another thing I have my phone do with Tasker is if my phone is plugged in and is charging I’ve set it to turn off WiFi so it can finish charging faster.

Sometimes I can’t charge my phone when my battery is extremely low. And I can’t be with dead phone ever. Because of this I’ve also set the Tasker App to Stop Syncing all accounts, turn off GPS if it is on, Turn Off WiFi if it is On. Kill All Apps that aren’t being used. Dim the screens brightness and about 10 more things. This really helps with getting the battery to last much longer.

So yes now my phone is a Genius thanks to the Tasker App. Below is some other things Tasker can do. But keep in mind the list is only limited. Tasker can do so much more.

  • Block calls between certain times
  • Automatically copy and past text or data
  • Automate sending of messages
  • Automatically answer the phone when certain number calls
  • Kill Apps when your surfing the web
  • Automatically start Bluetooth when you use your bloothtooth headset
  • Enable GPS and start your prefered GPS app when connected to your car dock
  • Change your phones wallpaper at a given time
  • Wash your dishes and clean your house when you turn your TV on (Just Joking)

I’m sorry iPhone users but due to restrictions set into play by Apple seeing an App like Tasker in the Apple App Store will most likely never happen. You may see something like it in the Cydia store if you have Jailbroken your iDevice.