Updating Pay Pal Subscription Buttons

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pp258I recently built a website for a client which used a pay pal subscription service to charge people an a schedule. Obviously when building the site I used Pay Pal’s Developer Sandbox to do this. However after using the developer sandbox I needed to put it into live production mode. After it went live the client needed modification to the pay pal button. He expected me to make the change for him. Web developers can see the problem with this. Not only is this a violation of pay pals terms of service, it also puts web developers at risk. God forbid something happens.

The following is a tutorial for updating the pay pal subscription, the attempts to help keep web developers safe, while teaching their clients how to use pay pal.

  1. Login To Pay Pal
  2. Click on the Text That says “Tools” it is right next to customers
  3. Click on Pay Pal Buttons under (Accept payments anywhere)
  4. You will see a list of Buttons that have been created. Find the button you want to change
  5. Click the upside down triangle on the “Action” button a drop down menu will appear
  6. Click “Edit Button” in the drop down menu.

In this example we will be changing a subscription button that charges monthly to charge Yearly. To do this we will scroll down to a point that we see the following.

 photo paypal-edit.png

We now will change billing cycle to years instead of months. To do this we click the drop down menu and we will see the following options.

  • day(s)
  • week(s)
  • month(s)
  • year(s)

We will choose the option that says year(s) if we want it to charge every 2 years instead of one year. We change the number to 2.

Now we scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save Changes and you are now done. The changes will take affect imediately and no other changes need to be made to the website itself.
If you like my work show support on my Patreon